It is common for many organizations to have a single connection to the internet and sharing it with the local LAN using a proxy server.

Linux has a built-in popular caching proxy server that improves the users browing experience.

Network Security and Management

State-full Firewall System

Intrusion Detection System(I.D.S)

Secure Shell for remote access

Linux implementation @ Educational Institutions

Lintechnokrats is also into Linux Installation and configuration by setting up of networking in Colleges, Educational Institutes in labs.

Linux System Administration Lintechnokrats provides expert solutions for all your linux system administration needs, including: Windows to Linux Desktops Migration:

The most important part of a linux Desktop migration is to develop a rigorous migration plan during the pre-migration phase. Migration Mapping consists of the five key steps in a successful plan-

  • Aduit the Current Environment
  • Analyze the Aduit Data
  • Design the Solution
  • Map to an Organizational Matrix
  • Automate the Organizational Transition