A Firewall is a network server that is placed between a private LAN and the public internet in order to protect the private LAN from unauthorized access via the internet.

Firewalls can also inmplemented to restrict and/or document access from LAN users to specified internet sites. Any company that has a private network connect to the internet will benefit from using a firewall.

Protecting your company's information and data from unauthorized accessis a critical issue today. As a leader in network technology services, Lintechnokrats provides security for companies of all sizes. Our Firewall solution utilize proven technologies and practices to provide tight security and unsurpassed rellability.

Server-Level Anti-Virus Protection - All Emails and files are scanned at the server level before they reach end-user desktop systems. This is an effective way for companies using centralized Email Servers to minimize the disk of Viruses, Worms and Trojans on internal systems, because they are blocked from ever entering your system.