Lintechnokrats provides a range of services comprising Server Support Contrats, Total Managed Services, Desktop Migration planning, Implementation and Co-Located Remote Management backed up by the core team of Lintechnokrats.

Lintechnokrats can provide effective and cost efficient solution whatever your requirement. We will not change our customers need to fit the solution but will provide the solution to meet the requirements of our customers.

Lintechnokrats offers efficient and hightly effective Open Source Software services at your facility as well as remotely over secured network. Some of the services we offer to our client include:

Open Source Software based IT Infrastruture: Open source Software, including linux, provide a highly cost-effective choice for organizations building new IT infrastructure (e.g. email, web & file services). we specialize in installing and customizing these services needed by almost all organizations. We work with the already installed systems, and integrate them into a new efficient environment, meeting the needs of the business.

Desktop Linux Installation and Dual-Boot Services: Linux is no longer an operating system for the servers. Many organizations are reaping the benefits of using Linux on the desktop. We build hundreads of Linux desktops every month. We specialize in creating the best possible environment, to increase the productivity of your end-users.