Linux and Open Source technology are fast becoming a competitive advantage for companies around the world. One code base for PDAs to mainframes. Workstations to work-groups. All open. For your mission-critical systems, Lintechnokrats can be trusted to deliver the best Linux support and Linux security services. We've been supporting Linux and the Open Source revolution since 2002.

Lintechnokrats understands the needs of its customers for complete and comprehensive IT support services that meet both technical and business critical needs professionally and cost effectively. Located in Bangalore (silicon valley of india), Lintechnokrats identified a requirement for quality Linux support services and solutions geared to meeting and exceeding the needs of the marketplace. A young company started 14 years ago, Lintechnokrats has an innovative, ambitious and energetic team which welcomes change and thrives on progress.

Lintechnokrats works with clients of various sizes providing a variety of support options, each drawn up to meet the needs of the client. Lintechnokrats has knowledge, experience and the latest expertise available to support its customers. Lintechnokrats has a wide skill set to support all flavours of linux operating systems.

Lintechnokrats concentrates solely upon providing support services. In this way it is possible to clearly focus on areas relevant to customer and industry needs. Lintechnokrats Technical Team receive both accredited training and in-house training.